The board has 6 male pins and 2 double terminals. If you want to control the speed of both motors you will need 4 pwm pins. This means that if you are using a 5V chip, you should expect to drive 5V motors. You can download the datasheet of the chip here. Can you post connection with battery. I found that the lowest stable speed was when the PWM was set to 80, up to the maximum of Using a PWM signal on the input will definitely stress the IC beyond its recommended operating parameters.

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Also, k9110 your schematic I don’t see ANY capacitors. One input is used to select the motor direction while the other is used to control the motor speed.

In this case, the AVR would also reset if you applied a heavy load or completely stalled the one motor while it was running. Press the button and the motor rotates, press it again and the motor stops for a brief moment then rotates in the opposite direction.

Uh, the pin connections are described in the beginning of the code. I am powering the motors from the same 5V in a 4 x 1. It’s a de-coupling problem, read: Also, depending on your power supply if you are driving the DC motors from a higher voltage than the logic partyou may also want to remove the 4 10K resistors at the bottom of the board, these are pull up connected to VCC.


Otherwise, the regulator could goes into an over-current protection mode and shut down. I can get one going but then I connect the other motor everything shuts down. Each set of screw terminals is used to connect a motor. mogor

L Fan Motor Keyes Board – Rydepier Blog Spot

Note that the actual direction of “forward” and “reverse” depends on how the motors are mounted and wired. I still have no idea whatsoever in how to attach this onto my arduino. Email required Address never made public. Circuit diagram The Sketch:: The IC will handle the resulting intermittent back EMF generated if the motor is just used run forward, stop, run backwards, etc. It looks from the data sheet I need some sort of square wave but I am not sure. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Powered by WordPress and Hybrid by Bajdi. You can download the datasheet of the chip here. Works when connected via USB power to arduino nano but not with a 9v battery. It turns out to be a PWM issue. This site uses cookies.

What are left and Right for? If you use only one motor you can delete halve the analogWrite functions.

INA and INB could be supplied with logic motpr from any of the digital pins, but the motor speed would not be variable as it would run at full speed in either direction. There should always be a nF cap between Vcc and ground close to the AVR to protect against high frequency spikes.


What is the current draw for the motors?

HG7881 (L9110) Dual Channel Motor Driver Module

There should also be capacitors close to the motor drivers between Vcc and ground. We recommend using input 1A to control the speed of each motor and input 1B to control the direction. I tested the board with 2 small dc motors and fed the chip 5V, the output voltage at full pwm was 4. I bought another small motor driver, this time a module with 2 L H-bridge chips.

It would probably draw too much current, and hooking inductive loads directly to electronic controls without special provisions is not a good idea in general. With a maximum peak current of 1. I found that the lowest stable speed was when the PWM was set to 80, motog to the maximum of This is the input voltage for the L chips.