We’ll describe this technique first: Go to Home Page. Create a new network connection with the Samsung Blackjack as the modem. Are you a developer? The link below will open in a new window. Begin Software Update Process. So, should you pick the BlackJack or the Cingular ?

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If the BlackJack doesn’t score a perfect 21, well, 20 is still usually a winning hand. Go to SmartPhone Main Page. However, what’s really happening is that you can’t use modem mode while the device has a data connection.

SmartPhone Hacks, Tweaks, Tips & Utiliies

In addition, there are cosmetic user interface changes several icons have been changed contained within the update. There is no voice dialing, unlike on k607 Dash and Q.

A registry editor is a requirement for many as well. Change key mappings by installing a file browser like Total Commander see: Like the Q, it uses a high-speed national cellular network rather than Wi-Fi, the keys are long slanted ovals, and it has a handy scroll wheel on the side as well as cursor i60 for navigation.

Samsung SGH-I Blackjack – Review – PCMag UK

mdoem ActiveSync does not connect. You can take this xml file as a starting point and edit to fit your needs. Yes, it’s shorter than the Cingularbut the is also a lot more bulky. The link below will open in a new window. He’s the head of our Fastest Mobile Networks project, one of the hosts of the daily PCMag Live Web show and speaks frequently in mass media on cell-phone-related issues.


In modem mode, the phone is not charging and will discharge very rapidly. I chose to delta off of the ATT default screen as a starting point. Alternatively, the modem drivers may be downloaded from this URL: Reception is also noticeably stronger than on the Cingular Run the cab file.

From the screen shot on the right, you can see the home screen that I currently use.

For much of what is described on these pages, you’ll need to first application unlock your device see below. Do you have any insight about the subject matter? Begin Software Update Process. It’s not really clear and to really drive the point home there are two additional problems: Please temporarily disable any PopUp Blockers that you have in order to download this file.

Samsung Wireless Smart Phone Usb Driver For Computer Connection

However, there is another option that will work on Vista and other versions as well: I tried and, he’s right, it really doesn’t work: Got to the computer network connections, find the i07 area network” section and in that you’ll find “Bluetooth network connection”. Key pad button 2 Value name: Please ensure that all critical information has been backed up before applying this update.


Additionally, please feel free to visit our site dedicated to the BlackJack handset at http: I have tried the following: Prior to performing the software update, your handset must be able to communicate through ActiveSync in order for it to work USB Cable required.

Copyright James Hamilton. I don’t think the Samsung is a derivative of the HTC, nor I want to enter a discussion of territorialism, now with all due respect I though this forum was a place to openly exchange knowledge on xda devices, and yes, as this topic has to do with hacking, and yes, because I have seen postings on Samsung i60x and i71x devices, is why I have posted here.

Samsung has recently released a software update for the BlackJack, which is recommended to be installed.