Functions fine except for one dead key the E in the octave above middle C. Or do you want to access your Ensoniq library, or expand it, using your computer? Your browser does not support the audio element. I have a SyQuest SyJet 1. I removed all the keys,

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Once you start editing on the ESQ-1 you will come up with interesting and unique results.

It can store up to 24, notes in 30 sequences and 10 songs via battery back-up. Keyboard – 61 note velocity.

Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools is an easy program to use; however, there are two special concepts that are important to keep in mind. Editing Common Parameters Example: Choose from analog, digital, or samples or any combo since there dnsoniq three independent oscillators per voice! Sequencing, effects and automation using the RS Polyphony – 8 voices dynamic voice allocation.

A disk originally shipped with the VFX-SD ensonjq of pre-sequenced drum patterns to get you going or inspired!


The VFX has 21 voices of polyphony. The VFX has a cartridge port as well, for storing sounds onto Ensoniq’s proprietary media.

The ESQ-M pictured above is a rack-mount version released in which is identical to the ESQ-1 except that it excludes the on-board sequencer option. No more bad links. Talking about the plastic and metal case models.

Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools™ Downloads

The synth also has full MIDI implementation with 12 channels for multitimbral functions. The VFX has a standard note keyboard with velocity and kidi aftertouch. Keyboard – 61 keys velocity and polyphonic aftertouch. Merge Instruments using the Object Merger. Memory – 40 patches. Click on a Wavesample, you get the Wavesample screen, allowing you to edit any of the Wavesample parameters.

Like ribbon cable length issues etc. Date Produced – Use the Bank Builder to ensohiq your own custom Banks. Ensoniq ESQ1 mod wheel panel question On a recently purchased esq1, the top lid was not closed tightly on the enskniq bottom side. Functions fine except for one dead key the E in the octave above middle C. The ‘Patch Select’ buttons over the Mod-Wheel allow for on-the-fly patch switching from a spot where your hand is likely to be while performing!


But will I have trouble with this?

Ensoniq EPS | Vintage Synth Explorer

Multiple databases are supported. One thing that’s kind of quirky, midl sequencer’s operating system gets loaded into the instrument’s RAM memory from floppy disk they replaced the bulky and proprietary cartridges of the VFX with a standard 3. The File Image in the computer will be updated as well.

Keyboard – 61 keys velocity and aftertouch. The screw was missing. Rename Instruments, whether they are files or objects within a file. Click on a Layer, you get the Layer screen, allowing you to edit the Layer parameters. Polyphony – 21 voices. Fortunately it is expandable up to Kb with optional 2x expander or 2.