Page Remove the two screws that secure the pick motor to the transport chassis, and remove the motor and roller. Duplex Entry Rocker Repeat the step for the other side, and remove the rocker. Press in on the printhead release lever and remove the printhead. Reader to Card Communication The reader communicates with the card by sending an amplitude modulated signal at You will be prompted for a password. Page Option Purpose Printer Motor Tests This option allows you to operate each of the motors in the printer for a specified duration as described in Testing Motors.

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Datacard CP80 Plus Dual Sided Card Printer with Laminator

Pull outward on the drive gear so it disengages from the other transport gears. With the printer laying on its side and the control board placed next to it, begin connecting the cables that will reach. Page Compress the heater slide until the cam lines up prinnter its retaining points.

Be careful not to pull so hard on the chassis wall that you break the chassis. Foil Advance Motors The same procedure is used for both upper and lower motors. Page Press the Up or Down arrow until the Configuration menu is displayed, and press the Enter key to access the menu. Driver Api ap AP data entered or the format selected.

Smart Card Option Squeeze the locking tab on one standoff and lift the board up slightly. If the cable is connected properly, then the main control board is likely at fault. Page Separate the two halves of the heater slide slowly.


If this procedure resulted in a duplicate instance Null serial number of the driver, the only way to fully remove this instance is to uninstall ALL Datacard printers from the PC, at which time the Clean-up Utility removes leftover files.

Page Release the retaining latches between the interstage platform and the enclosure by pressing up on each corner of the interstage platform.

Using a screwdriver, pry the flag-side of the cam out of the transport chassis. Remove the Main Enclosure page and the Swingarm Cover printre To remove the fan, press in on the two retaining tabs and lift the fan out from the top of the swingarm. Connect the three connectors.

Disconnect the entry sensor connector from the interface board. Page Remove the two screws that secure the pick motor to the transport chassis, and remove the motor and roller. Sequence of Operation Power-on Initialization When the printer is turned on, it begins its initialization routine.

cp8 Page If necessary, perform additional testing on the card using the customer software application. The script can then be loaded into another printer for batch processing a series of printers. Page Replacement Notes Route the cable through the ribbon guide as shown below.

Datacard CP80 Plus Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

This will reduce the chance of the spring flying loose when the guide is removed. Printhead Settings Printhead Settings A printed card is made up of discrete vertical short edge of the card columns printed across the length of the card.

While positioning the pick motor, rotate the pick roller until the shaft-flat lines up printdr the flat on the roller.


Changing Printer Values If the changes are not acceptable, either reset the printer or turn it off. It also allows operators to fine-tune quality with image and color controls, monitor diagnostics, perform tests and connect to an online help center. Disconnect the heater, thermocouple, and lift home sensor wires from the laminator control board.

Refer to Configuring Custom Track Formats on page Name the file with a unique name using the printer serial number and current date for example, F Click on the Smart card continue button to eject the card and display the results in the status window.

Datacard CP80 Plus Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

Free up the following printrr from the cable guides on the face of the drive assembly: Start sentinel adjustment The Track boxes show the current start sentinel values and the format defined for the track. Laminator Transport Assembly Disconnect the cable connectors from the control board as necessary to perform further work on the laminator.

Your request will be sent to a local sales representative for an immediate follow up with you. If the sensor is always the transport runs more than blocked, it is either disconnected or not fully seated expected.

Refer to the Start Sentinel Position adjustment procedure on page for further information.