If you are desperate you can use the libftdi driver for direct access, although that won’t work if you can’t modify the client application. Sep 20, Posts: I had some sitecom prolific based adapters where the installer left a corrupt installation. Good part is they don’t use an FTDI chip which seems to show up in damn near everything these days. Not everybody follows the convention though. Mar 26, Posts:

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We use them all of the place here. A pair of serial servers work with two devices and cost 9 times as much.

Does anyone know of a USB > RS232 adapter that DOESN’T suck under Win7/64?

The keyspan works fine with Cisco console cables. Wed May 04, 7: Lots of other stuff that doesn’t work, but the Keyspan has worked with everything so far. Does anyone that uses RS often have any good suggestions? That way, if the cable fits it works. I must be thinking of a different cable.


I know it won’t work with the controllers I use as the DB9 connector sits back on the controllers baseplate. Formerly an orchard – Sunnyvale, CA Registered: I’m putting in another Newegg order anyhow, so I figured just add it on.

swrial Tue May 03, 6: I downloaded new drivers from FTDI, plugged the cable in, Windows automatically installed it, I updated the drivers, fired up the software and bam, worked like a charm. B Aforementioned air card usually occupies the slot most all of the time.

LordAthens Ars Praefectus Tribus: Wed May 25, 3: Thu May 05, 2: A lot more reliable and actually a real device on the computer rather than a USB chipset – Ethernet serial server. Oct 13, Posts: Since they dont make that anymore, he’s scared he’ll eventually kill it.

Most networking gear is Male-Male, so you need a cable in the middle regardless. Thu May 05, 9: Jan 10, Posts: The driver’s up on Windows Update, so it’s just plug in, get driver, and go.


Feb 12, Posts: If so, windows will attempt to assign unique device names, otherwise it gets the first available. Quatech make anything these days?

MCS – USB to Single Serial and Parallel Controller | ASIX

I have one of these that I scored off eBay some years ago: I do use the ‘official’ FTDI driver rather than a specific rebranded driver though. Los Angeles, CA Registered: Sun May 08, 1: Sep 20, Posts: When I cleaned out the installation by hand and installed the prolific drivers it worked seriwl.

Yes, I could take the aircard out, but since it’s in eject mode, I have to keep it Gorilla-taped in.

Wed May 04, 6: Mar 26, Posts: