I love to shape my shots , im normally a conservative and try to use straight flight and play ball placement but i started to learn to Draw and Fade and have realized these are very fun and usefull shots to play but i just dont understand how to allow this Club to draw or fade for me Josh Winstanley 2 years ago. The newer M1 would still be longer and a bit less accurate. Andy Aull 2 years ago. Forgiving and easy to launch. It just comes down to if you have this old driver in your bag vs buying a new one… And for me, my TM SQ hitting where I want it is more important than hittin 10 yards further into a wider maybe out of bounds area.

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Use the torque wrench included with the r7 driver to remove and tighten all four weights.

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

Robert 2 years ago. With the sldr s, its a different shaft since its a non adjustable tip. Ken Walters 2 years ago. I do agree that it has finally gotten to a point that I need to look at a new driver. Mygolfspy is the most critical critic who most likely created the notion you are beckoning. But I found it easier taylorrmade hit taylormadf the M1 Until I changed to a fujukura x-shaft. Amen Corner 2 years ago.

Just finding what works for you and you are comfortable with is more important than dropping huge coin on all the newest equipment in the market.


Howw say 15 yards is worth dollars is madness just hit it harder…!!! My first descent Driver, i used the square Frazer drive and i was playing off 21, lacking distance with it i wanted to lower my handicap so i went for the the Superquad because of high ratings and the changable weights thing. James Rush 2 years ago. With the Accra shaft, it is also more forgiving and accurate. It would certainly point me in the right direction for my person testing.

The biggest advancements in the last decade are driven by material changes and being able to move weight around with more freedom.

At RPM the ball will hit the ground sooner for most golfers. This brings up a few questions in my mind.

Would I see better results in reshafting the SQ with the speeder, or buying a used M1???? You need to use the same shaft right down to the CPM better yet use the exact same shaft for both taylomade the technology in carbon fiber and graphite literally improve every few months.

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

How about comparing a 5 year old driver next? All titanium construction replaced by a muli-material amalgamation of metal and composite. Budget is a huge factor in what goes into a weekend tyalormade bag. I used to have a a tp and changed too a superquad and love it i play of 9 it feels a bit more forgiving and looks sexy a good change for me anyway.


How to Configure the Weight of a TaylorMade Golf R7 Quad Driver

If taylormzde had a Dell SX computer and you broke it now, do expect them to give you an exact replacement??! Jonathan Zajicek 2 years ago.

I was not thinking of any old shaft but one made for maximum performance at that length. In most cases we default to stock vs. That being said, upgrade every 3 years or so.

What do we really learn from 90 to MPH swing speeds all hitting the same driver?

So one could argue you could gain even more than 14 yards of distance with the m1 over the Superquad it may be argued there other way around too but from a starting point it would need to first make up the 14 yards before you can think about beating it. Few of them are right or wrong in any absolute sense…just different. I always loved this club so Taylormade was the first manufacturer i looked at to replace my beloved outlaw. How do I know this? The M1 and M2 performed about the same.

So all other factors equal, the driver that produces the greater spin loft will also produce the straighter ball flight.