Are blue PCBs really faster? Maybe, they made tricky drivers? Quite good to my eyes, in other words. For our last test, I ran the game through good old Quake 3 timedemo. I can only hope Hercules will come out with some sort of tricked-out limited edition card. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

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Advertising clock speed, right out in front. On one hand, the current drivers available from Hercules aren’t the greatest, but on the other hand, with newer driver releases I feel confident in ld gaming performance will definitely improve. Included optimization for MBytes?

As you may recall, there was a bit of confusion surrounding the core clock speeds herdules retail, OEM, and third-party ATI Radeon cards. Shall we begin with 3D Mark? Besides, the card is bundled with a massive cooler, and the PCB is traditionally green-blue.

Hercules’ 3D Prophet 8500 128MB graphics card

I can only hope Hercules will come out with some sort of tricked-out limited edition card. They’re neat to orophet at, but they’re also freely available from a lot of places, so unless you’ve got a fast connection it just saves you some download time. The complete characteristics of video cards of this and other classes can be found in our 3Digest.


I probably would have also complained if there wasn’t a DVI-to-VGA adapter included in that case, so the amount of money that Hercules saves with its setup isn’t trivial. That is why such device provides reliable and effective cooling.

And the anisotropy didn’t render any help. For estimation of 3D quality we used: The card Hercules has dressed this card up in blue for those of you who care what your PC’s internals look like.

Hercules 3D Prophet FDX LE Review – IGN

Traditional colors, as well as the design. Our “old reliable” Elsa GeForce 3 card was tested using the However, the MBytes card from Joytech outscores the 64 MBytes versions, and its performance is almost equal to that of the card working at MHz. Thirdly, MBytes of memory provides a considerable performance gain.

Dell returns to the stock market after six years. And today we will take a gander at different samples.

Hercules’ 3D Prophet MB graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 1

With the texture compression the speed grew several times. Graphics Previous page Next page. Maybe, they made tricky drivers? Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. With the 3D Prophet MB they take hercule one step further, including both the core and memory clock speeds right there in white and red on glossy cardboard.


Since this isn’t an official ATi card, it doesn’t include ATi’s multimedia center software. RAM on the back, and more heat sinks.

Hercules’ 3D Prophet FDX 8500LE graphics card

Apart from a heap of foam-rubber and the card the huge box has a brief user manual, a CD with drivers, an S-Video extender and a VGA connector. I think that the layout of the performance will add some details, and on the whole one can see that such photorealistic landscapes are quite difficult for the today’s cards. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

It’s not a narrow bandwidth. Are blue PCBs really faster?

On a more serio Only the image was slightly changed. Small heatsinks are installed on the memory chips on the back, and one big heatsink with a fan seats on the front side. Test system and drivers Testbed: Test results 2D quality herculea the Hercules is incredible, including the xx85 Hz mode.