Is there any eeprom IDE available? File format conversion from. That’s not a matter of course, because even if the serial communication works the software may do some weird things with the serial port, like bit-banging, and that is likely to fail with an USB adapter. Ok, no problem, i have 30 days ahead. Professional Hardware and Electronics Design:: The eeprom is wired for x8 configuration. DOS version Willem programmer software.

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It was unregistered as expected and i tried to register my key. This driver does not work on older version GQ-4X.

I am able to write to eeprom successfully checked with universal programmer but the problem is that, I cant read from it. PC Programming and Interfacing:: DOS version Willem programmer software. More other chips updates. After starting XP again and waiting for snp seconds, it found ‘new hardware’. Best universal device programmer.

Hello Guys, anyone have a connection diagram or datasheet of PAU adapter for Topmax universal programmer. Looking for a universal programmer circuit.

Kio’s Hardware Projects: SRAM Microcomputer – Windows-in-a-Box

Thanks in advanced best regards ingeom. Devices list update Revision History Here. The Stagger software still doesn’t find it. How to write set of instructions in ROM of ?? Is there any opensource universal eeprom programmer?


Win 10 32 bit Win 10 64 bit OR Installer in. Ok, no problem, i have 30 days ahead. It needs USB driver 3. Motorola S record format conversion utilities.

Microsoft offers pre-built Windows images on it’s web site for testing the IE and maybe non-commercial use some websites say. Can program any DIP upto 40pins device without the use of adapters.

We strongly suggest you to use the latest software programmr the old software always have major bugs. I investigate settings for the virtual machine and found a place to enable this specific USB device which instantly bothered me with the next problem: This programmer has been modified by edziu, full discussions can be found here: Voltage diagnostic bug fixes.

Universal Eeprom Programmer

Is there any eeprom IDE available? The new version GQ-4×4 hardware has two beep sounds from programmer when it is power on. But, You may buy this programmer for only 46 US Dolar from I think that the chip programmer abreast his posibilities.


If you like built him you must have a lot of time and patience. This will tell WinPic to clear the code univereal bit and the code protect data bit to disable a read of the program nxp or the eeprom memory. Windows does not see the adapter.

Anybody have Problem with “Genius NSP” PIC programmer from EBAY??

Frankly, i want to get rid of it. Hi I can’t find any suitable section to post this i am posting in this section. Are progrzmmer referring to an external eepromnot the internal eeprom of the MCU? To get fully functional software, the software needs registration and activation code.

Dear bndarei, Thank you very much for the universal eeprom programmer.