In particular, this file is useful for tracing Java Stored Procedure compile time errors. This can be useful for temporary tables that are not required to be recovered in the event of catastrophic failure, yet retain atomicity of transactions. To compile the program, you will need to generate and link against a c-tree Plus single user standalone library with c-treeDB support and transaction processing. A partitioned file open cost is available for the SQL cost analyzer such that SQL takes into account the cost of opening partitions. If this field is not present, then all fields of a record will always be considered NOT NULL, and any operation to set the null flag of a particular field will be ignored. Create a database named ctreeSQL. Several of these are supported.

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Create the tables you will use with your schema, using the script generated from ctsqlimp in step 5. This function callback is called after having written a record to the destination table. Note that unhandled errors returned in c-treeDB layer result in 2 stack traces generated for these errors. Stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions are executed within this JVM. A 0 or negative values disables this feature.

There have been inquiries about importing into c-treeACE SQL indices where a segment is on a string field, however, it is missing the last byte. To address this disadvantage of these field types, faifcom/c-tree proprietary c-treeACE SQL options clause is available to allow a case insensitive search. For example, to enable Java stored procedure debug output, use the following configuration string: There are substantial advantages to this new approach.


With the introduction of the additional capabilities of the c-treeACE SQL, there are many users who would like to migrate their existing c-tree applications and data to take advantage of this powerful new SQL technology. Use the -m option to specify an imported index of the table to be the primary key. If problems or unusual results are detected they are logged to verify. Examine the database directory i. The File Definition Generating Utility A utility has been created to aid in the process of creating a configuration file with table, field and index definitions.

Unix environment Under Unix based systems, the c-treeACE SQL callback dynamic library is called libctsqlcbk, with a file extension appropriate for that operating system’s shared library conventions. A feature is available such that a database can be implied to be case sensitive current default or case insensitive. The majority of your customizations will be located in this MigrationInfo structure.

I have a Faircom c-tree database file. I don’t know when they’ll be We chose to use Faircom c-tree Plus as the underlying database.

C-tree to SQL Database |

A maximum memory limit of 4TB is available. Check the current Java documentation for your chosen JVM for complete details.

Import Utility with Callback Library and Fiarcom/c-tree File If the callback library is not found, no messages are reported because the dynamic library is not required for normal c-treeACE SQL operation, however, types conversion will not take place.


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All other trademarks, trade names, company names, product names, and registered trademarks are the property of odbbc respective holders. The function prototype is as follows: One reason that a developer might choose this option taircom/c-tree to create files with special properties such as ctADD2END, to create chronological files that c-treeACE SQL currently does not provide a way to specify at file create time.

To compile the program, you will need to generate and link against a c-tree Plus single user standalone library with c-treeDB support and transaction processing. Existing application data and index files, i. The string value to disable all debug options would faircon/c-tree as follows: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Our Drivers all the drivers we have got are yours, my dear visitors. Changing the default date format affects: Many modern operating systems include these security features by default.

The initial Java heap cannot be set to a value smaller than 8 MB, which is the minimum Java heap size.

Here is a minimum set to consider: