The ‘Get Connected Wizard’ will open. Probing There are most likely several different manufacturers of these cables because the same model will have a different number and color of wires depending on who you buy it from. The other wires are not needed for communicating with your ATmega; nonetheless the pin 3 wire measured 0V and the pin 4 wire measured 3. It’ll finish installing and you’ll get the success screen. I think you can be fairly confident the pad labeled 2 is indeed DTR.

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Prolific USB Data Cable Free Driver Download

It worked, but without auto-reset it is a little hard to press reset perfectly. Connect wires 5 and 8 to your multimeter and see if it shows 5V. My cable appears to have been constructed differently — see pics: HowTo Deploy a Servlet on Tomcat.

I explain how to do this in the article. The shell can also be put back together with little effort. Your cable may not have a pin 3 or pin 4 wire.

Confirm the path and click ‘Install’. Proudly powered by WordPress and Carrington. Et voila, it works!

DriverMax – Ports – DKU-5 – DKU-5 Computer Driver Updates

Getting the timing right can be tricky because the bootloader only listens for a brief period of time. When uploading your program, push the reset button right after it compiles it is hard to describe the timing, try different push delays if it doesn’t uusb and it should work. Any other locations where the prog can be found? If you still have a problem, try reinstalling and following all the steps listed above.


April 27,7: Just as I was considering cutting prloific a USB phone cable, I realised that I had a full-blown Linux system with a handily accessible serial port that runs at […]. On successful dkh, you’ll get the screen shown below. I’m pretty certain this will work for others also but I haven’t actually tried any other cable so can’t say for sure. I didn’t have to install one, I think it comes bundled with the newer versions of PC Suite, atleast, while installing, one of the components was a Connectivity Cable Driver.

Worked like a charm — the cable was instantly recognized as a serial port, and came up in device manager without the pesky yellow exclamation mark. The picture is deceptive; things are much smaller than they appear!

It’s not quite as simple as plugging in the phone via the cable since it isn’t a USB device and the cable requires a USB-Serial driver. The casing around the USB connector is not a solid piece but a two part shell. I got mine from a local store. The 1k resistor on the Rx pin is for limiting the current through the input protection diode if the Tx line exceeds 5V.


You should notice a new ttyUSB is prolifif after you connect the cable. I’ve noticed that I need to connect the cable to the phone first and then to the computer.

The first thing you have to do is go to […]. Repeat the previous steps for the pin 7 wire RxD. You can now connect the cable to the phone and then the cable to the computer. If that doesn’t work, try the steps below. You won’t get any options for this prolifix.

Now, test the connectivity with a multimeter on those pins and find out which cable goes to what pin. If you release the button too soon the bootloader will timeout before the program gets a chance kdu be ptolific and you will get an error. The Nokia cable uses 3. Looks like I get nothing through pin 5 and 8, so I left 5 unconnected and I tried bootloading Arduino with the tx rx and ground I had to supply separate power to the arduino. You need to install drivers for your cable if you’re using one, that is.