I had this in a nice outline, but in Preview mode, all formatting is lost. I then downloaded the dbExpress Driver for Oracle, using the link you supplied to me. You can switch between the two connection descriptions easily by using two versions of the dbxconnections. Values property to assign values to individual parameters. Devart Forums Discussion forums for open issues and questions concerning database tools, data access components and developer tools from Devart Skip to content. In theory, the files will be required if you want to change the DriverName or ConnectionName properties at run time. You can create or modify these associations using the Connection Editor.

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At design time, your application loads the DriverName and Params from the design-time version of dbxconnections.

Next, I checked the Components Install packages dialog, thinking it was there, but just not checked for inclusion. I had this in a nice outline, but in Preview mode, all formatting delph lost.

You can create or modify these associations using the Connection Editor.

As you can see by comparing the two listings, this is a subset of the driver’s parameters. This is a string list including information such as the database name, the user name and password, and so on.

For Dynalink drivers, the relphi name is associated with these files:. You can name dbExpress database and parameter combinations, which are then saved in a file called dbxconnections. In that case, DriverName and Params will likely differ on the system where you deploy your application from the values you use during development.


Then, when you deploy your application, sqlconbection loads these values from a separate version of dbxconnections. In practice, you could set up a SQLConnection component by setting up the driver and then assigning the database name directly in the Params property, forgetting about the predefined connection.

However, if you want to connect your program to a new database, you can set the relevant properties directly. This editor lists, on the left side, all of the predefined connections, for a specific driver or all of them, and allows you to edit the connection properties using the grid sqlconnectjon the right.

The component is basically a client dataset with two compound components the two dbExpress onesplus a hidden provider. The name of each combination is called a connection name.

sql server – Delphi SQLConnection via ODBC on Linux cannot connect to SQL – Stack Overflow

The connection component uses the information available in the drivers. The relationship between these files and the database name is stored in a file called dbxdrivers.

XE” and then “localhost: In each of the dataset componentsyou cannot specify directly which database to use, but can only refer to a SQLConnection. Instead of hooking up an existing connection, you can define a new one or see the details of the existing connections by double-clicking the SQLConnection component and launching the dbExpress Connection Editor see Sqlconnectino For each driver, there is a set of default connection parameters.

Setting Up TSQLConnection – RAD Studio

This list associates settings with a name, and you can enter multiple connection details for every database driver. In addition to letting you edit the predefined connection settings, the dbExpress Connection Editor allows you to select a connection for the SQLConnection component by clicking dflphi OK button. Here are my exact steps: I have tried the following: The CommandType property determines one of the three access modes. Unlike other component families, in dbExpress the connection is compulsory.


The fact that the provider is hidden is odd, because it is created as a compound component. When you create a new connection, the system will copy the default parameters from the driver; you can then edit them for the specific connection—for example, providing a proper database name.

Delphi + MySQL + SQLConnection

Below, you will find the results of felphi. However, because this operation copies the connection data, updating the connection doesn’t automatically refresh the values within other SQLConnection components referring to the same named connection: Now Borland has indicated that all these components are obsolete. The three specific dataset components offer similar behavior, but you specify the SQL query in the SQL string list property, the stored procedure in the StoredProcName property, and the table name in the TableName property as in the three corresponding BDE components.

Here is the result of changing the Oracle Connection Home: You can set up a driver using the list of values available for the DriverName property and then select a predefined sq,connection by selecting one of the values available sq,connection the ConnectionName property.