But as I include the gpif. I just added a github repository. Remove from profile Feature on your profile. Hey, this is great info! So, using the bit wide path, and having some of the control bits enable bus drivers, it looks like it would be very easy to control my external bus with just 2 driver chips, and not need any FPGA or other external logic. When supported directly by the Linux kernel, these devices appear just like any other kind of serial port. Does anyone have any examples of code for the GPIF, or any suggestions on how to debug it?

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Dennis, how do I join the fx2lib-devel mailing list? I just added a github repository. This is what I ended up with: This fairly straight forward process is documented in the TRM.

Here is another resource I used during my process of creating my own sdcc framework for the chip: Finally, test writing to eeprom.

If I compiled a program with keil, I needed to use CyConsole to download and run it. Added a link on the project home page fx2lib to the subscribe page. The imager puts FV high for the duration of each frame and puts LV high for each individual line of pixel bytes.


Comment on Oct 30th, at 4: That only works if you have lights to work with I guess.

Comment on Dec 5th, at 2: Their code is still pretty much the Keil code however, but with sdcc changes. Welcome to the Cypress Developer Community 3.

A company called AnchorChips now owned by Cypress came out with an innovative and useful product a while ago: Remove from profile Feature on your profile. Do you maybe know any bugs known with this version in this combination? The imager is constantly running.

EZ-USB driver in Linux | Cypress Developer Community

I have searched for its driver for Linux,but have not found cypfess yet. For in-the-field product updates, or for developers, you can use a specialized second stage loader to write the boot EEPROMs.

One suitable loader is available from Cypress. On the driver side there won’t be differentiation between SX2 and FX2. Comment on Aug 18th, at 9: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Comment on Dec 5th, at 1: Kernel device drivers can do the downloads, but then the firmware just locks down kernel memory. All My Brain is powered by WordPress 4.

fxload(8) – Linux man page

I know Keil has a debugging program, do we have something like that for the FX2 and Linux? I have SDCC installed and need to start porting.


Comment on Oct 29th, at 1: But when I try to build this. I think I can see how to control my own bus pretty easily by having the 8-bit data on one 8-bit output port, and sending the control signals on the other port, and having the GPIF enable the control signals and do the timing. The problem cyprews that for two byte values, the hex bytes are swapped and your code gets downloaded to the wrong memory locations if you load it on the wrong platform.

For eeprom images, the hex2bix program that comes with the development kit can easily be ported to run on Linux by using linux time libraries instead of the windows files. Comment on Jan 21st, at 8: The driver API is written in Java and f2 platform independent device drivers. A number of them need to download firmware before they are usable.