Rose has worked as a print and online journalist for more than 20 years. Buy a new driver or reshaft an old one? I am just seriously OCD. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The re-shafted clubs may not be swingweighted correctly, and since this is a first time effort, you may decrease the value of your set due to less than perfect craftmanship. The way I’ve seen it done is; you heat the ferrule lightly until it bubbles a little, cut it, then pull the shaft.

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Some of the deals that will be floating around in January will throw something nice up for you I am sure.

Hello all, I recently went to get a club fitting, which embarrassingly enough, turned into a lesson because it was just one of those days where it was shank city. My shop charges 10 for the pull and 10 for the install.

By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. The long irons feel a bit dead, hence my doubts about shafts Can’t imagine putting them back on would be difficult. The putter is a very personal club.

How much to re-shaft irons?

I thought it would be too difficult as well, but pulled my VRs components off my PXi’s to sell the shafts. I did this around 2 years ago with a set of Callaway irons I had- they were graphite and I changed 3-PW to steel.


Edited by RighttoLeft, 09 November – I have never had to reshaft irons, so I’m lost when it comes to pricing. I feel left out.

How much would you say it costs to have new shafts fitted by a pro, going with a decent but not stupidly expensive make? I’d guess big box stores are a bit more. Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much ca than not taking it off to shake. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant.

I thought you had to buy new ferrules resuaft you did it? But the company began by selling putters designed and built by Karsten Solheim.

Did that shaft feel better when resaft made good contact? A good quality shaft with the right chrome finish or other decent finish will not crack and thus not rust.

How much to re-shaft irons? | Golf Monthly

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Types of Ping Golf Clubs. I’m in the process resuaft putting some Ss back in my MP53s which I pulled originally for some flighted 5. This thread is days old.


Reshafting price?

It is not jy to cut and paste a set together. How does one determine what swing weight is right for them and how does one discern one swing weight from another without a tool to measure it? Just a basic swap. Also you must pay attention to torque of club.

You may have already considered these things and if so good. If not, please start a new topic.

The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Posted 22 November – I am pretty sure he solved his ballooning issues a long time ago, LOL!!! Grateful for any help, deshaft ever.

His name is Andrew Ash www. It’s worth going to rexhaft club fitter and they may be able to help with shaft choice, the guy I saw was great and he actually glued shafts into my 6 iron, gripped them and let me hit some balls before making a decision.