Show Extended System Information. Move down the list, select the Boot Device Priority option, and press Enter. This chapter contains the following topics:. For more information, see Section 4. Frequently Asked Questions Q: This option is reserved for future use. The LPC is software transparent and does not require special drivers or configuration for its interface.

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5715C/win_xp_2k3_32/b57win32.inf Driver File Contents (

Although single channel operation is defined by the Intel Memory Controller and will function, this configuration will not be qualified, tested, or supported on the Sun Netra CP blade server. Use the arrow keys to move to the Exit Menu. The following processors are supported on the Sun Netra CP blade server:. This chip is reserved for future use on the Sun Netra CP blade server. In the ATCA environment, there is typically no one watching the console screen when a blade is booting.

The blade server detects a valid RS connection to either the front or rear port and will automatically disconnect the SuperIO port from the H8 and connect to the external ports. Use the arrow keys to move to the Exit menu, and press Enter.

Configuring and Using BIOS Firmware

A Serial port is available on the front panel using an RJ connector. Keep Current – Do not remove the Sun logo. The supported configuration is dual channel, which follows the DIMM loading order: Frequently Asked Questions Q: For some operating systems you can also configure PnP devices using the operating system. The operating system on the selected boot device loads. This chapter describes the hardware components and architecture of the Sun Netra CP blade server.


Install or change the user and supervisor passwords. Broadcom ‘s leading market share in both the 1G and 10G network. When they become necessary, updated BIOS images will be available as patches on the following web site:.

All rightsmeans without prior written authorization of Broadcom Corporation. You can change the BIOS configuration by using a terminal or terminal emulator connected to a computer through the serial console port on the front of the Sun Netra CP blade server. Highlight the field to be modified using the arrow and Tab keys. Move down the list, select the Boot Device Priority option, and press Enter.

It performs the same cycle types as the X-bus: For more information, see Section 4. The two settings for this option are as follows:.

Hardware Architecture

Show Extended System Information. Modify the setup field and close the screen. This section contains special considerations regarding the system BIOS. At the end of the boot list, if all devices fail to boot, BIOS will pause for a few seconds to make sure the user has a chance to see the message, and continue the boot process by going through the boot list again. Note – See Section 4. Before beginning this procedure, ensure that you have installed the serial cable as described in Section 2.


All rights reserved Broadcom Europe Ltd. The default chip page 0 acts as the primary BIOS chip and is automatically selected for update during a firmware upgrade. The LPC bus is a multiplexed command, address, and data serialized 4-bit bus with optional side band signals. If you want to disable this feature, first refer to the Sun Netra CP Blade Server Product Notes for any outstanding known issues for your operating system.

Press the Enter key. Install DIMMs in pairs of like memory types.

This option has effect only if you have also enabled the Quiet Boot option, but it controls whether output from the Option ROM is displayed.