Please check with your supplier for exact offers. To create a peaceful environment, several new and improved innovations are included to reduce noise and temperature. Precision Tweaker provides overclocking options for all major parts of the system: CrossFire ignites with the higher antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, shading, and texture settings you desire. Fine-tune it with 0.

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This is in line with the ASUS vision of creating environment-friendly and recyclable products and packaging to safeguard consumers’ health while minimizing the impact on the environment. This feature can enhance speech-centric application like Skype, online game, video conference and recording.

P5B Deluxe | Motherboards | ASUS USA

This unique adapter eliminates the trouble of plugging in one cable at a time, making connection quick and accurate. ASUS engineers carefully fine-tuned the parameters for every single PCI-Express card to provide system stability during high-speed graphics operation. It allows to transfer digital audio without converting to analog format and keeps the best signal quality.

The rise of digital home is just like a tsunami that is poinsed to take over the PC industry. I streamlines data transfer between the Northbridge and Southbridge, delivering enhanced performance during Crossfire dual-GPU mode. Heat-pipe Thermal solution Cooling fans, though a popular thermal solution, also come with noise and malfunction likelyhood.

Users will be able to play LAN games, connect to the Internet, access and share printers, and use Skype from anywhere within range. This motherboard is the ideal solution to enhance hard disk performance and data back up protection without the cost of add-on cards. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.


All specifications are subject to change without notice. This is about getting the most out of your machine and taking pride in your customized computer. No more bottleneck to handle large amounts of data such as video, audio, and voice.

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PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Other Innovative Features MyLogo2 Personalize your system with customizable boot logo You can convert your favorite photo into a color boot logo for a more colorful and vivid image on your screen. Moreover, revolutionary ASUS technology allows users to run wireless devices such as Skype slu wireless AP while the computer is still sleeping.

To balance both system performance and quietness, AI Gear allows users to choose from profiles to adjust CPU frequency and vCore voltage, minimizing system noise and power consumption. Users can real-time change the mode under operating system to suit their needs. It reduces input ripple current and output ripple voltage, which keeps CPU and power module from suffering the risk of high power stress.

A7n8x2.0 Specs Asus – 2.11 asus capture driver wdm – a7s333 asus

Quiet thermal technologies — 8-Phase Power Design, Stack Cool 2, Heat Pipe Design, Q-Fan 2 and Optional Fan — together provide a comfortable environment for the processor, memory, graphics card and other components to interoperate effectively.

They provide you better system performance to enjoy graphic-intensive games and applications. CPU, Chipset and Graphics features. p4a

ASUS Digital Home series motherbaord enables users to control the computer at a distance away, setup wireless network to enjoy wireless Skype phone, charge mobile devices even when the PC is turned off, and backup awus database automatically. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.


This utility saves users the cost and hassle of buying a replacement BIOS chip. Products may not be available in all markets. Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products. It also uses advanced de-reverberation techniques to reduce echo and minimize its effect on the speech engine.

It offers ways to raise system performance inch-by-inch and step-by-step to achieve maximum performance! This motherboard is a cool and stable platform that delivers extreme performance, minimum noise and maximum power saving!

Fanless Design – Heat Pipe Zero failure Support side-flow fan or passive cooler The Heat Pipe design effectively directs dn heat generated by the chipsets to the heatsink near the back IO ports, where it can be carried away by existing airflow from CPU fan or bundled optional fan.

Precision Tweaker provides rh options for all major parts of the system: Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

To enjoy the digitalized convinience, you need the ASUS Digital Home series motherboard, a system that is designed solely for this purpose. The optional fan is specifically designed to provide sufficient airflow over the CPU power modules and chipset area when water-cooling or passive-cooling is utilized, ensuring effective heat dissipation for the assu system.