You cannot connect via the radios when your APM 2. The disadvantage of ECC option is that it will halve the available bandwidth, but it’s worth it in the most situations, you can maintain the reliable links within a farther range. To connect the radios: So as long as your antenna gain is below 10 dBi, you should have the provisions complied with the ISM. This means that every 12 bits radio module will send 24 bits, and bit computing is to use gray code reference table. The radio module packet also contains the information of the error rate and serial transmission buffer being enough or not percentage. Setup the two radios one meter apart and look at the local and remote RSSI.

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These radio modules support only 13 kinds of air data transfer rate, including 2, 4, 8, 16, 19, 24, 32, 48, 64, 96,and The other factor to 3ddr the data transfer rate is TDM “synchronization time”.

3DR Radio Telemetry – Geeetech Wiki

All our products have been tested rigorously before shipping, bootloader and firmware have been burned, and the corresponding parameters have been configured,they can be put into use directly.

Teelmetry radio has interchangeable air and ground modules, meaning that you use them as a pair but it does not matter which one goes on the vehicle and which remains on the ground. It can only support the power levels in the table below. The plane used a small omni antenna, and a 8dB patch antenna on the ground 3rd.

The default value is 64 64 kbpsthe transmission range of using omni-directional antenna can be up to 1 km. So as long as your telemerty gain is below 10 dBi, you should have the provisions complied with the ISM.


SiK Telemetry Radio — Copter documentation

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Minimum value shall not be 0, 25 means it’s a few dB over the receiver sensitivity dBm. See the advanced setup page for detailed information on diagnosing range issues using telemetry logs. The latest version of APM Mission Planner can set 3DR Radio Module on the simple graphical user interface, choose 3DR Set serial port which has been connected to ground station from the Mission Planner top right cornerand please choose the baud rate The latest version of the APM firmware can use this information to automatically match telemetry streaming rate to data rate maintained by the radio module.

The radio module packet contains the RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator information on both ends of links, which can let the ground station or the plane take action when the Signal is not good.

Join in on the forum to help make these radios even better! Connecting to APM 2.

The meaning of the different LED states is: The reason of placing duty cycle is that some parts of the world allow a higher transmission power or more frequency; your duty cycle can be used when it’s below a certain value.

Two radio need to compute mutually the frequency hopping pattern. The largest radio module packet capacity is bytes.

Setup the two radios one meter apart and look at the local and remote RSSI. Regarding the power level, you must be very careful to deploy the radio module, and you should obey the legal authority limits of the country when operating.

Although anecdotal, another user provided a Tlog showing a good link kept while the vehicle was 4. This means that every 12 bits radio module will telemetyr 24 bits, and bit computing is to use gray code reference table.

Take the MSI version installation for example Note: This article only covers the main difference between the two radios — connecting the radios. 3rr implementation of LBT in 3DR radio module due to using the lowest 5ms receiving time and the random receiving time is the same as the European 9. The best place to get involved with the development or tuning of these radios is the SiK Radios forum.


The choice of air data rate depends on several factors as follows:. The meaning of the different LED states is:.

If the ECC is set to 0, there will be no correcting information for mistakes; this radio module uses a simple 16 Bit CRC to detect transmission errors. Please pay attention to Plus-n-Minus of the power supply, the chip and circuit would be burned if connecting the power supply inversely.

3dr Radio Wireless Telemetry Kit 915mhz Module USB for Apm2.6 Apm2.8 Pixhawk Px4

This allows flow control but unfortunately means that you will need to hack a cable to get a Version1 radio to a Pixhawk. This program synchronization with other radio module just needs a few seconds to transfer when it’s at a higher data transmission helemetry, but if using a low transmission, the rate is slower.

You should also read SiK Telfmetry v2which contains a more detailed user guide and feature list. The 3DR Radio is the easiest way to setup a telemetry connection between your flight controller and a ground station.

On a windows 7 or higher machine, the require drivers should be automatically installed the first time you plug in the ground module ueb if it does not install for some reason or the ground computer is running Windows XP or earlier you can get the D2XX FTDI driver here.